Fantasy Football League


Currently, I am the commissioner of a fantasy football league. One of my main objectives was to run a league that would make people excited to participate, allow participants to feel a sense of ownership, and also inspire people to join the league.


Individual team logos, draft board, draft night worksheets, create, design and implement a League Constitution, conceptualize and design league trophies.


I took a basic, generic fantasy football league and made it unique and personal. It was a huge effort and well worth it. I worked with the individual team “owners” to develop a concept and a design for an appropriate logo for their teams. I used my design and branding knowledge to build logos that would make teams proud. I re-appropriated the old USFL Blitz Logo to fit within the league’s concept and brand. When I started the “building” process for this league, I didn’t realize how it would really put my design and project management skills to the test. As the owners’ buy-in grew, so did the number of components involved. It was very satisfying when I brought it all together with a cohesive look. Because I created a well “branded” league, I am continually asked if there is room in our league by people who want to be involved.


04 September 2008 - Present